TKG Real Estate Advisors is a Strategic Real Estate Transactions Advisor and Asset Manager. TKG helps companies manage their real estate expansion and contraction needs. From planning for growth and developing expansion strategies, to negotiating the lease or purchase of new facilities, to disposing of unneeded space, TKG leverages its expertise in real estate transactions to get the right outcome in a timely manner at a competitive price, with minimum stress on senior management. 

From the moment TKG becomes your Real Estate Advisor, it owns the management of your real estate transactions and takes full responsibility for getting the job done. Some of the services TKG provides include:

  • Space demand modeling and forecasting for real estate space needs based on revenue growth and head count.
  • Create strategies for senior management to make data-driven decisions to meet present and future space requirements.
  • Negotiate lease/purchase deals for new facilities.
  • Restructure or terminate onerous leases, pursue expansion plans, or minimize exposure for space clients have outgrown.
  • Conduct anonymous site searches and conduct focused inspection tours with stakeholders to rank qualifying choices.
  • Evaluate cost/benefit of rent vs own scenarios and sale-lease back strategies.
  • Conduct lease/purchase agreement negotiations and supervise drafting to save time and legal costs.
  • Offer a variety of services to help manage new space design, construction, improve execution time, and minimize construction costs.