About us

Value-Added Investing

TKG International is a private equity investor with project management and business development expertise, that invests in value-added opportunities.

Real Estate

Our primary focus is on real estate. TKG is involved in the following:

  • Land acquisition and development
  • New commercial building development
  • Turn-around commercial property investment
  • Adaptive-use strategies for obsolete commercial properties
  • Environmental-cleanup acquisition opportunities
  • Corporate acquisition asset break-up opportunities

Real Estate Advisory

We provide strategic real estate advice to rapidly expanding or contracting companies to plan for and acquire the space they need to grow or to dispose of the space that no longer meets their needs.

Hands-On Management

TKG looks to invest in under-valued opportunistic real property assets that offer exceptional returns to equity investors. Our hands-on management insures that every investment we make is given our utmost attention and the unique skills of our management team allow us to realize extraordinary returns from difficult investment conditions. TKG’s geographic focus is Northern California and Warsaw, Poland.